According to Google, two-factor identification works well

The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing and evolving, with innovations always appearing. One of the latest initiatives to protect us from phishing and other forms of cybercrime is two-factor identification (2FA), which can be implemented in many ways and might be something you want to explore. What does two-factor identification (2FA) mean? Two-factor identification is a security measure that adds an extra step to the login process. You might …

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Passwords and security

Passwords are essential to maintaining our online security, but they’re also one of the most tedious things. In real life, if someone is offering for sale thousands of usernames and passwords for a service, this is not a good sign. But changing the password is not enough. In recent months, regular reports of personal data and passwords being leaked and sold in large quantities. In many cases, the headline is …

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A dangerous attack with global consequences

The cyberattack on SolarWinds is one of the most significant hacker attacks on a large scale in decades. Many companies and public authorities could be affected. The case At the end of 2020, hackers hacked into the servers of IT security solutions company FireEye, causing a significant stir. It emerged that the hackers had also used the stolen data to hack into other companies’ servers. In the case of SolarWinds, …

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Deloitte’s mail system hacked

Hacking has been a known issue for many years, with new vulnerabilities and hacks being discovered almost daily. In this article, the author details just how vulnerable Deloitte’s email system was – and how they managed to quickly respond in order to fix the issue. The case Consulting firm Deloitte uses a cloud-based mail system to allow employees to easily access emails from anywhere globally and on any device. Unfortunately, …

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Chinese cameras are cheap but easy to hack

With the Chinese market becoming huge in recent years, firms have been looking for ways to compete. One of those ways is by price. The challenge of finding cheap yet secure options has led to hundreds of thousands of devices being sold with this security flaw – a flaw that makes them vulnerable to hacking. This article shows how the problem was discovered. The case Chinese manufacturers are not known …

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Phishing emails on behalf of DocuSign

DocuSign is a secure digital signature company with locations all over the world. The hackers obtained DocuSign’s database and sent emails to those affected with phishing links to steal personal information from the targeted people. The case DocuSign’s database has been hacked, and the attackers have sent phishing emails to the obtained email addresses. The email asks users (referred to by their usernames) to provide accurate information. However, the link …

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Another chat service in trouble

Chat services like HipChat are becoming more popular, but unfortunately, not all companies use them to their full capacity. Many people need a private chat service, so this is why there are many ways for hackers to access the servers and get into your private conversations. The case HipChat was hacked; hackers gained access to the servers responsible for communication. Many personal data was obtained from the database, including names, …

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Etherum: The forum has been hacked

In April last year, the forum of encryption solutions provider Etherum was hacked, and more than 16,000 user IDs, passwords, email addresses, and other data were compromised. The company is undoubtedly embarrassed by the leak, but at least it can be said that the data was adequately protected; for example, passwords only had the hash ID on the system.

Evony Gaming: Hackers stole 33 million records

Evony Gaming’s database didn’t survive the first weeks of December: hackers hacked into the database that contains the Evony: Age II login data. Around 33 million players were affected, probably not because their game statuses were made available but because email addresses and account passwords were also compromised.