Ubiquiti asks customers to change their password

Ubiquiti is a company that provides wireless networking products to enterprises, service providers and the public. They recently had a security breach in which customer data was potentially compromised. The case Ubiquiti, a US-based provider of cloud-based external hosting services, has been the victim of a hacker attack, obtaining user data. Therefore, the company is asking all its customers to change the password they use to access the service for …

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Theft of personal data instead of recruitment

The world has changed a lot. We are no longer in the era of putting personal information on the Internet and using connected applications to recruit. Now, organizations such as Randstad keep sensitive data on their servers and use AI software to filter for potential employees without giving any information about the applicants directly to them. The case Randstad is an international organization with several job-seeker websites around the world. …

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An average of five attacks per year per company

Based on voluntary data provided by the companies concerned, a survey has revealed that the average large company suffers at least five attacks a year that target its IT systems. Because companies store important data securely, the main targets are not the central servers but the employees’ computers – of course, if they are taken over, the next step is to get the data from the servers.