Ubiquiti asks customers to change their password

Ubiquiti is a company that provides wireless networking products to enterprises, service providers and the public. They recently had a security breach in which customer data was potentially compromised.

The case

Ubiquiti, a US-based provider of cloud-based external hosting services, has been the victim of a hacker attack, obtaining user data. Therefore, the company is asking all its customers to change the password they use to access the service for security reasons. The service provider is also asking for two-factor authentication to be enabled.

Did you know?

Ubiquiti has a strict password policy that includes a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 14 with at least one character being uppercase, one being lowercase, and one numeric.


Ubiquiti has been a leading company in the wireless industry for some time now, but it seems that they have fallen victim to a security breach. In their announcement of the breach on their website, they ask customers to change their password and make sure they restrict remote access to the administrator account.