How to defend yourself against hackers

What do you know about hackers? They can be strangers, people you know, in person, or online. They’re in it for the money, power, fame, or even just to learn how to break things. Technology has made our lives both safer and more vulnerable. We are safer because we can easily find directions, contact someone on the other side of the globe, or order a pizza precisely when we want …

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Theft of personal data instead of recruitment

The world has changed a lot. We are no longer in the era of putting personal information on the Internet and using connected applications to recruit. Now, organizations such as Randstad keep sensitive data on their servers and use AI software to filter for potential employees without giving any information about the applicants directly to them. The case Randstad is an international organization with several job-seeker websites around the world. …

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Deutsche Post: 200 thousand users’ data stolen

This article is a call for action as we have just learned that Deutsche Post has been hacked and more than 200,000 users’ data has been stolen. Germany is not the only one to suffer from this, but it is still shocking to learn of the breach. The case We tend to think that everything is better in Germany. While we’re probably right about postal services, we have to admit …

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CD Project Red: 1.9 million user data leaked

It’s a pretty old story, a year-old story: the Witcher games forum was hacked in March 2016. However, it was not known what the intruders had taken until now. It has finally been revealed that they took the personal data of a vast number of users, 1.9 million users to be precise, including email addresses, usernames, and passwords.

Bitburger: Missing data

A data theft attack against Bitburger occurred in July; the attackers again gained access to personal data, including full name, postal address, and login passwords. Fortunately, the Passwords were encrypted and could only be used after decryption. Bitburger has, of course, informed those affected, and the error has been corrected; no material damage has been caused.

eBay: phishers in action

eBay wasn’t hacked recently, but two years ago, it seems that the data obtained then is now being used again by sending phishing emails to the addresses in the database. The danger here is that because the attacker has a lot of personal data, users might think eBay is trying to communicate with them. In that case, 145 million email addresses and their associated data have fallen into the wrong …

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