Awkward Instagram error

It may seem uncomfortable now, but the shift in social media domination is already in motion. Instagram and Facebook are the two most popular apps in the world, and they combine to reach more than 1 billion people every day. The case A bug in one of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service’s APIs was accidentally introduced, allowing anyone to view users’ private data, provided they knew how to use the API. …

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Edmondo: 70 million stolen data

Cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent, with hackers and online thieves using software to steal millions of dollars from credit card companies. What can be done? Breakdown of the issue itself, potential solutions for digital learning company Edmondo. The case Digital learning company Edmondo has been hit by a cyber-attack: 70 million users’ data have been leaked. Among the stolen data were usernames, email addresses, and passwords, but they …

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Another chat service in trouble

Chat services like HipChat are becoming more popular, but unfortunately, not all companies use them to their full capacity. Many people need a private chat service, so this is why there are many ways for hackers to access the servers and get into your private conversations. The case HipChat was hacked; hackers gained access to the servers responsible for communication. Many personal data was obtained from the database, including names, …

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The case of Lady Gaga and her social media followers

The social networking site Little Monsters has not been careful with its private information either, with the data of its 1 million users falling into the wrong hands. Hackers obtained user IDs, password hashes, email addresses, and birth dates from the service. These are users who followed Lady Gaga on the site. An immediate password change is recommended, especially if it is not the only one used on Little Monster.

500 million records discovered on the dark web

During an investigation, the BKA has discovered a collection of 500 million user records on the dark side of the web. In addition to user names, the database also contained email addresses and associated passwords, which could be used to create a perfect opportunity for fraudsters to try to gain access to social networking services. The latest data in the database is from December 2016.

CD Project Red: 1.9 million user data leaked

It’s a pretty old story, a year-old story: the Witcher games forum was hacked in March 2016. However, it was not known what the intruders had taken until now. It has finally been revealed that they took the personal data of a vast number of users, 1.9 million users to be precise, including email addresses, usernames, and passwords.

Etherum: The forum has been hacked

In April last year, the forum of encryption solutions provider Etherum was hacked, and more than 16,000 user IDs, passwords, email addresses, and other data were compromised. The company is undoubtedly embarrassed by the leak, but at least it can be said that the data was adequately protected; for example, passwords only had the hash ID on the system.

Evony Gaming: Hackers stole 33 million records

Evony Gaming’s database didn’t survive the first weeks of December: hackers hacked into the database that contains the Evony: Age II login data. Around 33 million players were affected, probably not because their game statuses were made available but because email addresses and account passwords were also compromised.