Another chat service in trouble

Chat services like HipChat are becoming more popular, but unfortunately, not all companies use them to their full capacity. Many people need a private chat service, so this is why there are many ways for hackers to access the servers and get into your private conversations.

The case

HipChat was hacked; hackers gained access to the servers responsible for communication. Many personal data was obtained from the database, including names, email addresses, and password verification codes (hashes). However, no credit card details were accessed. An internal investigation revealed that only 0.05% of all active chat windows were accessed during the hack, so the number of users affected is relatively low – HipChat has contacted them.

Did you know?

HipChat is a popular chat client used by over two million organizations. It supports the latest and greatest chat features, like automatic group chats, threaded conversations, audio and video calls, and file sharing.


HipChat was hacked. The hackers gained access to a server responsible for keeping HipChat operating properly. As a result, their systems were compromised, and they lost all of the information on the servers. Even though this is an unfortunate incident, it can remind us that we need to be aware of our security.