Samsung smart TVs: the Tizen bleeds from many wounds

Samsung’s smart TVs have a lot of security flaws, but they’ve been around for a while. Samsung has a long history of making chips and devices, which have often had vulnerabilities in their software.

The case

Tizen, which runs on Samsung smart TVs and wearable devices, has a lot of security flaws: experts have discovered 40 so-called 0-day vulnerabilities. The open-source system is used by at least 30 million devices worldwide, so a possible attack could affect many people worldwide. Samsung is working on a fix.

Did you know?

Samsung Smart TV uses AI technology to predict what you need to see before you do, such as trending content or high-rated shows. It also has an internet browser that predicts and filters out advertisements based on your viewing habits.


The Samsung TVs run on the Tizen operating system, a Linux-based operating system. They were hacked earlier this year, and it became clear that they are very vulnerable to attack. This is terrible news for consumers who might have bought one of these TVs thinking they were safe, but this latest news has left many wondering if they can trust their Samsung TV purchases.