Security experts accidentally found 711 million passwords

When it takes you to read this article, hundreds of thousands of people have used their password to log into a website, like your bank site or social media platform. But what happens if that data were stolen? The case Security experts stumbled across a database containing 711 million email addresses, usernames, and passwords by accident discovered on a server in the Netherlands, feeding information to a “robot” called Onliner. …

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Phishing emails on behalf of DocuSign

DocuSign is a secure digital signature company with locations all over the world. The hackers obtained DocuSign’s database and sent emails to those affected with phishing links to steal personal information from the targeted people. The case DocuSign’s database has been hacked, and the attackers have sent phishing emails to the obtained email addresses. The email asks users (referred to by their usernames) to provide accurate information. However, the link …

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Trello – Passwords shown in search results

Trello is a popular forum provider that has been linked to data theft. They were not hacked, but their password database was left open in their database, and it was available on the internet for anyone to view. The article talks about how the passwords were visible and how Trello handled this misstep. The case Trello is a forum provider; it is relatively common for these providers to be linked …

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German Telekom: Migration is sometimes a problem

German Telekom moved one of its services, but a minor glitch in the process caused users’ data to get mixed up during the software upgrade. For example, the incorrect synchronization caused a different email address to appear in users’ accounts instead of their set. The service provider has detected the error and has already fixed it – but still recommended a password change for customers.