Phishing emails on behalf of DocuSign

DocuSign is a secure digital signature company with locations all over the world. The hackers obtained DocuSign’s database and sent emails to those affected with phishing links to steal personal information from the targeted people.

The case

DocuSign’s database has been hacked, and the attackers have sent phishing emails to the obtained email addresses. The email asks users (referred to by their usernames) to provide accurate information. However, the link used to log in does not take you to DocuSign but to the fraudsters’ website; it is unknown what the fraudsters intended to use the data.

Did you know?

DocuSign is one of the leading full-service digital signature providers. With DocuSign, organizations can digitally sign documents to speed up the process and reduce errors, saving time and money. Since DocuSign has a robust set of APIs available, it is possible to integrate DocuSign into any system or application, including your website.


An estimated 2.5 million people have been sent phishing emails with the subject line, “Your DocuSign account.” In order to avoid additional attacks, it is advised that you change your password.