Trello – Passwords shown in search results

Trello is a popular forum provider that has been linked to data theft. They were not hacked, but their password database was left open in their database, and it was available on the internet for anyone to view. The article talks about how the passwords were visible and how Trello handled this misstep.

The case

Trello is a forum provider; it is relatively common for these providers to be linked to some data theft, but there was a different kind of error this time. Apparently, due to a server error, pages containing users’ passwords were published without access restrictions, which means that Google’s search engine indexed the pages, and the password can be found by a simple search in the email address field. Trello has notified the affected users.

Did you know?

Trello makes it easy to share lists, collaborate on projects and keep track of what you need. With great communication tools, Trello helps teams stay organized and on the same page.


Trello has been a popular tool for many people, but it didn’t go well this time. The platform is a forum provider, so it can be said that they are relatively common to be linked to some data theft, but there was another kind of error this time. This error was accidental: not all the messages on the site were stored in an encrypted manner as they should have. Fortunately, after some investigation from Trello, no customer data was lost, and no passwords were compromised during the hacking process.