German Telekom: Migration is sometimes a problem

German Telekom moved one of its services, but a minor glitch in the process caused users’ data to get mixed up during the software upgrade. For example, the incorrect synchronization caused a different email address to appear in users’ accounts instead of their set. The service provider has detected the error and has already fixed it – but still recommended a password change for customers.

Dailymotion: 87.6 million data stolen

Dailymotion is probably the biggest loser of the month, with 87.6 million data stolen from its servers – user data, passwords, and other personal information all fell into the hands of the hackers. Anyone who had an account on the site would be better off changing their password, and of course, so would anyone else on any other website where they used the same username/password pair.

Adult Friend Finder: the dangers of adult dating

A hacker claims to have hacked into one of the most popular online dating sites, Adult Friend Finder, in October and obtained a significant amount of user data. Although it has been over a month since the alleged hack, the site has not been confirmed. Still, it has issued a statement saying that the matter is under investigation and that if any information comes to light, it will be shared …

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Modern Business Solutions – 58 million stolen record

Contrary to its name, Modern Business Solutions (MBS) did not take a modern approach to protect its users’ data, so it is not surprising that hackers managed to get 58 million records in a direct attack without any problems. In addition to name and address, the data also revealed who owns what car, which is good information for a car theft gang.

Badoo – Stolen user data

A massive 127 million users have had their data stolen from Badoo, including email addresses, usernames, and password hashes. The latter can be used to obtain passwords – it’s just a matter of time before the procedure is complete. The company denies that the data has been leaked but has sent a letter to all its users asking them to change their passwords and informing them of the benefits of …

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