Edmondo: 70 million stolen data

Cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent, with hackers and online thieves using software to steal millions of dollars from credit card companies. What can be done? Breakdown of the issue itself, potential solutions for digital learning company Edmondo.

The case

Digital learning company Edmondo has been hit by a cyber-attack: 70 million users’ data have been leaked. Among the stolen data were usernames, email addresses, and passwords, but they were stored in encrypted form, so if someone wants to use them, they have to decrypt them.

The culprit was trying to get rid of the database quickly for $1000.

Did you know?

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The cyber-attack on Edmondo is a cautionary tale for all companies, but especially those that use online learning programs. Online education is an increasingly important part of many businesses, and the large-scale attack on Edmondo shows that these systems are not invulnerable.