Etherum: The forum has been hacked

In April last year, the forum of encryption solutions provider Etherum was hacked, and more than 16,000 user IDs, passwords, email addresses, and other data were compromised. The company is undoubtedly embarrassed by the leak, but at least it can be said that the data was adequately protected; for example, passwords only had the hash ID on the system.

Evony Gaming: Hackers stole 33 million records

Evony Gaming’s database didn’t survive the first weeks of December: hackers hacked into the database that contains the Evony: Age II login data. Around 33 million players were affected, probably not because their game statuses were made available but because email addresses and account passwords were also compromised.

Trillian was hacked

Trillian is one of the most popular chat clients, allowing you to connect to multiple platforms simultaneously. It has attracted the attention of hackers as well as users. The application has not been hacked, but the vBulletin forum has been, and many users’ names and email addresses have been compromised. The passwords are protected by MD5 encryption, which can be decrypted, but it takes time.