Password Boss – A new form of password safe

We all know the difficulties of managing the various passwords needed for you to log in to different websites, log in to online banking, or other accounts. This article introduces Password Boss, which will allow you to manage all your passwords in one place.

Password Boss is not secretly aiming for the laurels of the popular LastPass, so its user interface and services are primarily the same.

Password-safe in another way. Installation, setup;

After the quick setup, you can register a new account or continue using the old one. The program uses two-factor authentication in all cases, so if you log in from a new computer or mobile phone, you’ll also need to enter the six-digit code sent to your email address. This increases security, as the attacker would need to obtain the password to our email account in addition to our master password. If only the latter happens, as a precautionary measure, permanently delete the emails received by Password Boss after reading them, as the attacker might get an idea to get our password safe details. Two-factor authentication can be enabled in the Settings/Security tab of the program.

The encrypted password vault file is encrypted locally and uploaded to their online storage. We also mentioned earlier that you should select the server on which you want to store your vault in the Preferences tab under the Settings (gear icon). Although there is already an EU Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the US on secure data handling, we would prefer to choose a European server for security reasons. Of course, this also applies to all other programs.

A unique feature includes a built-in secure browser that can be used for banking transactions. Another is that you can remotely wipe the safe on your stolen mobile.


With the increasing number of hacks, leaks, and data breaches becoming more common, it has become increasingly important to keep your identity protected. And with access to sensitive personal information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and passwords, it’s no wonder why. But with password managers coming onto the scene, they have made it easier for people to protect their privacy.

Password Boss is a new form of password safe for your PC, iOS, and Android devices, which stores all your passwords in a secure database that you can access from different devices.