Cryptomator – Encrypted cloud services

We’ve all heard horror stories about important data getting hacked and stolen from an online hosting site. But what if you were able to encrypt your data before transferring it to the hosting site? That’s the idea behind Cryptomator, a free and open-source cloud encryption service that uses AES-XTS encryption with a 256-bit key.

What is Cryptomator for?

Cryptomator offers secure file synchronization, encrypted online backups, and remote access to your files.

Most online hosting sites use encryption only when transferring data, not when storing it. This means that the hosting provider can access our data at any time.

Cryptomator encrypts our data locally, which is stored on the server. The encryption is transparent; you only need to enter the password at startup. First, create a safe with a password of your choice, then copy your cloud folder data into it. The unencrypted files can be accessed on a separate drive, even WebDAV.


Cryptomator is a user-friendly and open-source cloud storage application. It seamlessly integrates encryption and decryption of your files while syncing them to the cloud, so you can safely share them with others while keeping your sensitive data private.