PasswordBoss review

Password management is not a fun chore. In the busy world of modern life, it’s easy to lose track of all the credentials we need for different services and sites. It’s even easier to forget what those passwords are! That’s where PasswordBoss comes in. This powerful password manager stores your passwords for you and provides an interface to help you store new ones securely.

What is this?

PasswordBoss is a compact but robust password manager designed for businesses. It’s not the ideal password manager; however, it’s simple, reliable, and highly safe. Password Boss could be the ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises which don’t require complicated features, advanced analytics, or administrator controls. Then, in our Password Boss review, we examine the strengths and flaws of the system and evaluate it against other competitors.

Interface and performance

The Password Boss apps are easy to use, well-designed, and highly responsive. Our tests showed great sync between the three devices. When the devices were switched, new data and credentials were already synchronized. We also like the security interface of the app. The panel offers easy-to-read information about your account’s status and identifies possible vulnerabilities. Very few rivals provide this kind of information to every user.

Features and utilities

Password Boss allows you to track crucial passwords and credentials. It also facilitates collaboration across your company, an easy experience. As a base, Password boss includes all the features you’d like to see in top-quality password management software. This includes one-touch login to share passwords, password sharing, password generation, and safe cloud storage and backup.

Password Boss also enables users to create separate storage spaces to store personal and business passwords and avoid getting confused. The great news is Password Boss offers unique features that we’ve not seen in competitors, for instance, its Dark Web Scan. This feature lets users know that their passwords may be compromised and what percentage of their information is sold through the Dark Web. This is a handy feature. However, we’d like to know what technology is behind this scanner, something we could not find information about on their site.


Security is a must for managing passwords. Without a complete and high-quality security system, it is unlikely that any password management software can be considered worth your company’s investment.

Luckily, Password Boss has high-quality security policies for the internet that guarantee your information is safe and is not accessible to anyone else than you. The core security policy of the platform is the zero-knowledge structure and 256-bit encryption that is end-to-end. Without getting into the details, no one, including Password Boss nor anyone else, has access to a user’s encrypted data without the master password and encryption keys, even if the data is stored in cloud storage.

Another security feature important for companies is encrypted sharing of passwords. The features of Password Boss for enterprises enable administrators to set various levels of permissions. Employees are only allowed to utilize secured passwords, credentials, and passwords that correspond to their roles and levels of access. The employees can then access the relevant applications and websites without seeing an unencrypted copy of the information. The sharing of passwords can be an additional source of security for businesses.


We appreciate that Password Boss provides a specific support area specifically for businesses, making it easy to get the correct information quickly. Users and business executives will find helpful articles on information sharing, team setting, and security guidelines. But, the absence of online chat support or phone assistance was disappointing and could dissuade businesses from seeking an easier and more responsive service to manage their passwords.

Plans and pricing

Password Boss offers two plans for business users: Standard and Advanced. Both have features included in the plan. However, they also include a few additional features specifically designed for business.

The website currently recommends that you contact them for the most current prices. It is worth noting that Password Boss had the choices below, and you could see variations on the phone.

The Standard plan is $3 per month for each user with a minimum of five users. This is a total annual cost that starts at $180 the year. The plan comes with simple administrator control, sharing via team, and separate personal and business storage for users.

Its Advanced Plan costs $4 user/month (minimum of five users). This means that prices start at $240 annually. The plan comes with everything from the Standard plan plus Standard plan, advanced analytics, user management, and audit logs.


Password management is essential and tricky for everyone, but it’s crucial for businesses. Your employees are more likely to reuse passwords across sites or have weaker passwords susceptible to brute-forcing, making them easy prey for hackers.

Password Boss is an excellent password manager, but it’s not an outstanding one. While the software has a couple of weaknesses and robust security policies, beneficial features, and a reasonable price, it can’t make a lot of noise from the crowd. But, this shouldn’t hinder businesses as it can help password managers. Password Boss does exactly what it claims to do, and it does it very well. Small and mid-sized businesses needing a reliable and user-friendly password manager may want to think about this company.