1Password review

A reliable and easy-to-use password manager is essential for any web user today. Digital security breaches and hacks are becoming more and more common, and it’s crucial to protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access. Check out our top recommendations for the best password managers on the market!

Is it trusted?

1Password of the Best Password Managers of 2021. The market for password managers is brimming with companies that want to sell customers other security tools not directly related to the primary job of saving, synchronizing, and protecting your passwords. Yet, 1Password has remained consistent in putting security-related password management at the top of its list. Since the launch of its subscription, pricing on its software for managing passwords in 1Password has charged the same price for a single user: $2.99 a month. Family memberships have also remained the same at $4.99 monthly since the beginning of 2017. 1Password has never provided free membership, although it does offer free service to journalists and human rights activists.

1Password’s applications have a user-friendly interface; for instance, they allow you to display a saved password in large letters to facilitate your ability to type in. However, the focus on security may make the application difficult sometimes. For instance, setting up an account requires establishing the master password and entering a random 34 character Secret Key. 1Password’s software will not automatically fill in any information unless you allow it in the app’s settings. On systems that don’t have biometric authentication support, you’ll have to input your master password frequently.

Interface and performance

1Password offers easy access to every device. Alongside mobile apps available for iOS and Android, 1Password offers desktop applications that work with macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux and a command-line tool and extensions for the most popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easier to manage items, vaults, and users via either the app or website. It’s also highly responsive, making changes on one device immediately showing the other devices.


1Password employs a variety of tools to make sure your data is as secure as is possible. Master passwords secure accounts and are never shared to 1Password or any other third party. Remember that this prevents master passwords that are forgotten not being reset. So, users need to remember one master password to unlock the rest of their passwords. Be aware that 1Password is so safe that should a user lose their master password, there’s no option to allow 1Password to retrieve it.

The logins, as well as any uploaded documents, are hidden within the Password Vault. Items are classified by category with folders for commonly used items that need to be secured, like bank accounts, credit cards, and driver’s licenses.

In addition to two-factor authentication using Authy and two-factor authentication through Authy and Microsoft Authenticator, 1Password comes with useful security features that include alerts about security breaches, protection from keyloggers, and AES secure 256-bit encryption. When your password is used to authenticate your credentials, it’s also protected by its Secure Remote Password (SRP) feature, which secures all data sent towards the 1Password server. Your password will be authenticated without being sent across the web.


With 1Password, you’ll get access to support 24/7 via email. The site states that Business customers get VIP support. However, it doesn’t clarify the distinction between VIP and regular customers, and just that support is available “whenever you need it.” In the above paragraph, Enterprise subscriptions come with an account manager devoted to your account and an engineer on board.

The 1Password site also offers valuable articles that cover various topics related to support. They are a great way to begin if you run through technical issues or need to know more about the service’s features.

How Much Does 1Password Cost?

1Password costs $35.88 annually for personal use, while the Families pricing is $59.88 annually and includes as many as five people. The price is higher than the premium tiers offered by Bitwarden. However, it is similar to other premium password management software. In certain instances, 1Password is the less costly option. However, these service providers add-ons to their password manager, like virtual private network encryption, to protect non-secure connections.


Password management has never been more important than it is now. With more and more of our data being stored online and hackers getting better at breaching hacked databases, we need to be more vigilant than ever about protecting our information.

1Password provides everything that individuals and companies need to keep and share passwords and other vital pieces of information. $2.99 each month for individual users and $3.99 each month for teams. It’s an affordable solution to keep your information secure.

Alongside applications for mobile devices, the app works for macOS, Windows, Linux, and a range of other browsers. The flexibility, accessibility, affordability, and user-friendliness make it an ideal choice for all businesses.