Why are online password-safes useful?

Passwords are the first line of defense against cyberattacks. If your password is too simple or easy to guess, anyone can access your site with a small amount of work. Use this article as an introduction to online password safes, which are designed to make it easier for you to come up with strong passwords, remember them, and keep them safe without memorizing them all.

Why are password safes useful?

A very recent survey by Kaspersky Labs found that 14% of users still use a single, easy-to-remember password for all their accounts. Although 38 percent of people now create strong passwords every time, many are still at risk. A weak password is a problem not only because it is easy to crack using brute-force methods but also because if it turns out to belong to one service (e.g., a forum), it can be used to easily access our inbox (e.g., Gmail) if it is the same. Anyone who does not change their negligence is simply irresponsible. People who care about their data security do not need to know every password. That’s exactly what password safes like Password Boss do.

It’s not a program that you can use on just one computer: it’s backed by an online service to use it on multiple computers and mobiles, and your passwords will always be available.

As for passwords, even the master password – which gives you access to all the other passwords – is subject to strict conditions when you create it: use upper and lower case numbers and punctuation, and it won’t let you go any further without the right length. After that, the wizard asks for your details, including your credit card details, but you can skip the latter. We can change our details by clicking on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner, but our first trip should take us to the Preferences tab, where we need to choose where to save our 256-bit encryption protected password safe online. It’s better to do this in Frankfurt (EU) than in the U.S. You can also turn off synchronization if you only want to protect a single PC.

Password Boss includes a built-in secure browser, certainly a version of Chrome so that when you open your online banking site, it will ensure the transaction is trusted. When to use this and when to use our regular browser can be specified under the Preferences/Categories tab. The mobile version of the program uses two-factor authentication and includes anti-theft features.


Keeping your sensitive account information safe is essential with the prevalence of hacking. While there are many different tools that you can use, especially popular is password-management software. These programs allow you to store all of your passwords and other information in a safe and secure place, and you only need to remember one password – the password for your password-management program!