Features to make your computer more secure

Being safe on the internet is all about maintaining your privacy and security. That means protecting your identity, information, and data from prying eyes and malicious actors. But it isn’t always easy to know where to start when it comes to keeping your system secure. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the many features that have been included in the latest version of Steganos Privacy Suite 16.

What is Steganos Privacy Suite 16?

Steganos Privacy Suite 16 offers nine features to help you keep your computer and the data it handles more secure. There is currently no similar package, and each feature could only be assembled from separate programs.

Once started, you can boost your security level to 100% by creating a safe and password vault, encrypting your internet favorites, and using Steganos VPN. The safe works like a drive: you can copy files into it, which it encrypts, and when you close the door, it only allows access if you enter the password. Of course, you can work with the encrypted files inside just as if they were not protected. Steganos has a lot of experience in using steganography, in which case the safe can be hidden inside a large file (e.g., MP3, AVI, EXE).

Although these attachments are visible with some devices, their contents are encrypted and protected by the powerful 256-bit AES encryption. You can also use the program to create portable safes that fit on a USB stick; they are identical in use, with the bonus that Privacy Suite 16 also buries the program needed to open them on the media. You can also encrypt files with the Crypt & Hide module, which is useful when sending an encrypted message in an email. Of course, you can also send a separate encrypted text email using Email Encryption.

The password manager is seemingly simple, but you can upload the keyring to your Dropbox storage and log in to the relevant pages in your browser with your passwords. In the browser, we need to activate the Steganos Password Manager add-on. From then on, it can even automatically fill in serious registration forms. Personal favorites are part of this password manager, by the way. We leave a lot of traces behind during our browsing, and TraceDestructor helps us remove them, and it can also erase some traces of Windows (e.g., error logs, playlist). Shredder will overwrite our files for final removal in a targeted manner several times, even automatically, and even the free space on the hard disk. Last but not least, you can connect to the Steganos VPN service, which anonymizes your Internet activity. It requires separate registration and has a monthly limit of 500 MB.


When you’re surfing the web, shopping online, or just sending emails, your computer is at risk of being hacked. And that’s before we start to mention the risks of data loss and accidental deletion that come with using an operating system like Windows. Fear not, though; there are plenty of ways to make it more secure against malware, ransomware, and other disasters.