The SolarWinds attack is more significant than previously thought

Cybersecurity is a big deal in today’s global environment, and we’re always hearing about new hacks and leaks. It’s more important than ever to protect your company, data, and people from these cyberattacks.

As we reported earlier, the SolarWinds system was hacked, and through it, several companies and organizations whose cyber protection was provided by the company were attacked. However, according to the US CISA investigation, the problem goes beyond SolarWinds’ client base and may involve companies that have nothing to do with the security services provider.

The reason is that the information obtained could be used to access Microsoft cloud-based services, which, with specific configuration settings, could provide access to data that the user would not otherwise have access to. For example, to the mailboxes of other companies on the same platform but not using Orion like Solar-Winds at all.

Did you know?

A SolarWinds attack has more security ramifications than you might think. The SolarWinds email system is the backbone of how the company communicates with customers, partners, and employees. If it becomes compromised, SolarWinds could lose its entire customer base or have to shut down operations. This could result in major financial losses for the company.


What started as a clever phishing campaign is now one of the largest cyberattacks in history. The campaign had three stages. In stage 1, there were fake emails that collected passwords and login credentials. Stage 2 collected data on bank account information, credit card information, and more. Stage 3 collected data on what it would take to steal your identity.