Critical bug in the WordPress Nextgen Gallery module

The Nextgen Gallery plugin for WordPress is said to be the most popular gallery plugin in use on WordPress sites. Now, a new security vulnerability has been discovered, and it could pose a threat to all sites that install it.

All users who have a wordpress-based website and use the Nextgen Gallery plugin should update this plugin immediately! Two critical bugs have been found in the add-on that helps to display photos, allowing a hacker to take control of the entire site and easily redirect users to their pre-made site, for example, setting the stage for a phishing attack.

Nextgen Gallery version 3.5.0 is the first bug-free version, so you should at least upgrade to it!

Did you know?

Nextgen Gallery is a WordPress plugin that helps you display photos on your site. It’s very popular and has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times.


The latest version of the most popular Photo Gallery plugin for WordPress, Nextgen Gallery, is riddled with two critical bugs that allow hackers to take control of the site and make changes to all or some of its content.