Is there a new alternative to the password?

You might have noticed that many of your favorite websites are now asking for an email address to authenticate you. They do this because it is inconvenient for you to remember multiple passwords but also because emails are much more reliable than passwords in terms of authentication. However, there are better alternatives that don’t rely on email. Find out here about the new password-free authentication methods currently being developed. Password …

Learn more → 43 million users in trouble, which also reported an attack in 2012, is not defending its users’ interests in 2016. Forty-three million records were stolen. Fortunately, the passwords were encrypted. It is incomprehensible why companies keep secrets: leaks come to light sooner or later, and disclosures are far more damaging to reputation than if a company had come forward and told the truth itself.

Expensive data leaks

Data theft cases are also wrong because they cause tangible financial harm to companies and users. Research has shown that in the US alone and the healthcare sector alone, the annual amount of money that is lost from the system, for this reason, is enormous: $6.2 billion.