Secret data exchange

Remember the story about all those social media giants getting hacked because of a simple email phishing attack? It doesn’t take much for someone to get your data, and as hackers become more sophisticated, they’ll find new ways to compromise you. This article will show you how to keep your data safe online.

How to protect yourself?

All it takes is a simple link to be intercepted by attackers, and they can gain access to a lot of our most precious data. tries to help by encrypting these links and sending a pointer to its servers instead. Anyone who receives the address and enters the password will receive the actual link. The only drawback is that the password has to be sent to him first, for example, by encrypted mail – but from then on, he can use the code continuously.

All you need to register is an email address. To add a link, click on the Create Folder command at the top of the web interface. Once the address and password have been entered, an encrypted connection will be sent to you, which you can send securely through any channel. The tricks we’ve used so far can give hackers and secret services a lesson, if not a hundred percent secure. If you want even more serious data protection, the only way to achieve it is to do away with the internet, computers, and smartphones altogether.

Did you know?

It is a common misconception that SSL certificates provide complete protection. They do not even protect your content from being intercepted as it is being transmitted.


For many of us, the concept of cyber security is more than just an abstract notion. It’s something that we feel deeply daily, with constant fears about data breaches, identity theft, and credit card fraud. It’s not just about technology anymore – it’s about our lives.