Password-safe on your phone

Many people know LastPass as an excellent cloud-based password safe. But you can use it not only on your PC but also on your phone.

There are many password safes in the Play Store, but what makes LastPass stand out is that it provides perfect synchronization between our devices so that even the unforgettably complex passwords generated and used on our PC are automatically entered into the appropriate fields on the pages we open on our phone. In addition to the passwords, the software also offers a separate safe for sensitive data, and, of course, we get the password generator that we use on the desktop.

Did you know?

It’s estimated that in 2020, cybercrime will cost the world economy $6 trillion. Cybercrime might not be a new thing, but it’s getting more extensive and sophisticated. You can’t altogether avoid being hacked, but you can protect yourself with a password-safe on your phone. It’s easy to sign up for an account; just type in the email address or phone number you want to use and then set a strong password.


As you probably already know, you should never use the same password twice. So there is always a temptation to keep track of your passwords by storing them in an excel sheet, notepad, or Word document – or by using the password manager you might have on your PC. But these options aren’t secure enough for today’s cyber threats. The best thing to do is use a cloud-based password manager like LastPass to store all your passwords – no matter which device you are using at the moment.