NordVPN review

To find the best VPN for yourself, consider a few factors. These can range from how well it performs to its cost and what it offers in terms of features. NordVPN has won us over with its superior performance, security, and wide range of features – giving you everything you need to help protect your privacy online.

NordVPN is among the bests in VPNs

If you want to be confident in the security of your online surfing, then a VPN is one of the most critical tools in your arsenal. In this review, we will look at NordVPN and go over what makes it so great.

NordVPN is worthy of a place on our top VPN list for a reason. Its position as the VPN provider that can provide the best amount of value for your money is likely to be your first impression of NordVPN, but there’s more. It isn’t likely to locate a VPN elsewhere that will perform as well as NordVPN can at the same price as NordVPN can.

NordVPN might offer more privacy by increasing the number of servers it runs in the first place. Still, it’s greater than 5200 servers across 60 countries, a zero-log policy, and the possibility of a region located in Panama. It’s an encryption powerhouse and comes with an option to VPN to Tor.


  • Strong customer privacy stance
  • Uses WireGuard VPN technology
  • Numerous server locations
  • Multihop Split-tunneling as well as Tor connections
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes, the interface is a bit cramped
  • Expensive when no actual sale is offered

How Much Does NordVPN Cost?

It is priced at $11.95 per month or $119 per year. The company offers its annual plans with a discount of $59; however, you’ll have to pay $119 when your subscription expires to renew. NordVPN often offers other plans with different introductory rates. For instance, you could avail of a current $89 two-year subscription, which will change to an annual subscription of $119 at the time of renewal.

It is possible to pay with credit cards, a variety of cryptocurrencies that are not a secret, PayPal, and other payment options on the internet. VPN businesses often have promotions; therefore, you might find a different cost when checking out. At the time of writing, the median cost for the VPN service we’ve evaluated is approximately $9.96 per month and $73.02 annually.


If desired, a VPN company can examine all information that passes through its network. We’ve spoken with the company regarding its efforts to ensure users’ privacy and read the privacy policies.

It is incorporated and is a legal entity in Panama (the company has offices in different countries). In Panama, there are no laws that oblige the company to keep records for any time. The company states that should it be subpoenaed, it will only comply with the court order or subpoenas issued by a Panamanian court.

It’s not easy to locate details about the parent firm it is owned by or any information about corporate management through its site. A spokesperson for the company told me that the company is controlled by NordVPN s.a. (formerly Tefincom S.A.). NordVPN doesn’t issue transparent reports regarding requests for information from police. However, it maintains a warrant canary that indicates that it hasn’t had the requisite National Security Letters, gag orders, or government-issued warrants.

Is NordVPN secured?

In today’s world, privacy is paramount. With the government looking to learn everything you do and hackers scrambling around your necks to steal private information, reliable security is at the top of everyone’s list when selecting a VPN.

Happily, NordVPN has got your back. With its strict “no-logging” policies, high-end encryption that is comparable to the systems government agencies utilize as well as a variety of privacy and security options, NordVPN has proven time and again that they are among the best VPNs available.

Customer support

The support article database of NordVPN is extensive and covers all aspects of the service. However, if you require more assistance, you can contact NordVPN via two methods by email and via 24/7 live chat.

Live chat support can provide you with a prompt response. However, like most live chats, the responses may be vague; it’s recommended for essential clarifications and issues with your account. They are best addressed to NordVPN’s customer support email address for more technical questions. You’ll be replied to within 48 hours and receive additional, more specific assistance.


As you will see through this NordVPN analysis, all the motives for its popularity are legitimate. It’s quick and secure, simple to use, and comes with unique features that ensure your information and data are protected at all times. This is why the company is among the top VPN providers on the market.

Additionally, with a customer support team such as NordVPN’s, you won’t need to be worried about your quest to ensure that you’re surfing securely. Therefore, we suggest NordVPN for those searching for a reliable solution at a lower price!