No more network passwords needed

With WiFi networks becoming more and more prevalent, users always need to know the WiFi password before connecting. Whether for work or play, having your friends share their passwords is inconvenient. However, WiFiLink / Share WiFi has changed the game! It offers a way for you to share your password in a highly secure form with anyone in the world – it only takes one click to send out your password in encrypted form.

As a homeowner, you might be more worried about your personal information getting shared with the public on the internet. So many people have been installing WiFi networks in their homes and apartments, but it can be hard to keep track of all those passwords.

Instead of sharing the password to your WiFi network with everyone, WiFiLink / Share WiFi can transmit it in encrypted form. The sender and the receiver must have the software which can transfer the information between the two phones using a QR code or some wireless solution. The QR code can be photographed on the screen or sent to a printer. Interestingly, the software only displays the password; we have to type it in. Apart from that, it is convenient to use.

Search for Share WiFi in your app store, download it for free, and use it next time instead of sharing your network password!

What is WiFiLink?

WiFiLink is a wireless network system that allows communication between two or more points. It was developed by Cisco Systems Inc. and is often used in business, where it allows for easier access to workstations located in different buildings.