KeyDepot – The portable password safe

Have you ever wanted to store your passwords and other password-protected data inside a single application? Using KeyDepot, you can do just that! No more complicated passwords or forgetting which one you used where. With KeyDepot, all of your secured information is in one place, and it’s entirely up to you how much of it is shared with others.

Why KeyDepot?

You can use many password-protected services on the internet, but you can’t remember a different secure password for each one for security reasons. It is enough to store them in a password safe and remember only the master password of that safe. KeyDepot uses strong AES encryption, protected by a 256-bit key, and you can upload your encrypted file to the cloud and use it on multiple computers.

The first time you start the program, create the safe (Create), then open it after rerunning it. Use the Manage Categories option in the menu to create a few categories and add a Password to add a username and Password. From the program’s taskbar icon or by pressing Alt+K on the left, you can also search the vault and copy the entry data individually (for half a minute) to the clipboard. You can paste it into any program or website, but if you have saved a web address, the page will open automatically in the browser. When storing passwords, feel free to use the password generator.

It can be installed in both traditional and portable modes. In the latter case, you can even put it in a folder on the D: drive and launch it from there at any time after a complete reinstallation of Windows. It would be best if you had an e-mail address, first name, and surname to register. If you have not yet registered any Abelssoft program, you will need to confirm your address; otherwise, the activation is automatic.


KeyDepot is the perfect solution for you! It’s a secure, portable password safe that you can use to keep all your passwords in one place.