Boxcryptor review

There are many ways to secure your files and data. One of the most basic methods is encryption. Encryption scrambles your data so that it cannot be read by anyone – except for people or programs with a special key.

The need to secure information is now increasingly evident because it lets you securely transfer files and prevent data theft. This technology makes sure that your privacy is not at risk by any means. The main challenge has been selecting the best technology or platform that can provide an encrypted solution that is trusted. The majority of companies that offered cloud storage in the past have not met expectations.

Although they have promised users plenty of features, they’ve not delivered in specific areas. They allow cloud storage for data but do not have encryption capabilities. There’s been plenty of talk about Boxcryptor and whether or not it will perform exactly as promised. You may be thinking about what makes it stand out over other options for file encryption. It is unnecessary to worry, as this review will provide all the information. When you’ve read the article from beginning to end, you’ll be better positioned to judge whether Boxcryptor is going to be worth your time.


  • Excellent mobile support
  • Support for over 30 cloud platforms
  • Powerful encryption
  • Simple to share folders and files


  • Support is limited to this free edition
  • No trial period is available for individual plans

Features and security

After Boxcryptor installs on the computer, you only have to inform Boxcryptor which you want to localize or what cloud platforms you wish to encrypt and decrypt the contents of.

Boxcryptor works with more than 30 cloud services supporting the most well-known names such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. After you’ve installed the desktop application, Boxcryptor will automatically detect the cloud services present on your computer and include them all into Boxcryptor’s cloud drive, which is a virtual Boxcryptor drive. The process of encrypting files is fast and easy. After you’ve connected an object or folder to Boxcryptor’s virtual drive, find the file within Boxcryptor’s cache. Find the file in Boxcryptor cache, click right-click, and choose encrypt.

Boxcryptor offers its users the top security tools and methods as an encryption suite specifically designed for use. First of all, it is entirely complete from beginning to end, with every encryption using RSA-4096 and AES-256, which makes it easy for multiple users authorized to decrypt the same file(s).

Boxcryptor accounts are accessible only by master passwords you create when setting up your account. Since it’s a zero-knowledge business, Boxcryptor doesn’t store your login. This gives you security regarding the security of your information, and it means that the company can’t recover your account should you forget your passcode.

When you set up the account, we suggest noting down your master password during setup and keeping it in a safe place that you only know about. The best part is that even the possibility that someone gets access to the password you have entered, using Boxcryptor’s two-factor authentication (2FA) can block them from accessing your account.

Plans and pricing

Boxcryptor provides a variety of subscription options for users who are individuals as well as smaller businesses and business-grade enterprise solutions. The most basic plan is available as a free service, which is a great deal that allows people unfamiliar with the system to develop an in-depth understanding of the basics.

One of the great things about the free version is that there aren’t any critical functions locked behind the paywall. Users can encrypt local files on two devices and connect their Boxcryptor account with an online cloud service. Be aware that the free version of Boxcryptor cannot encrypt files locally or via cloud platforms. Paid plans can remove this limitation and allow you to secure locally across an unlimited number of devices. Additionally, you can also encrypt any cloud service you want.

Plans paid for individually are offered in one three-year increment or one with plans for personal use costing $48 per year or $108 per three years. Apart from the ability to use unlimited computers and cloud service providers, Personal subscribers also receive encrypted file names, speedy responses from the support team of Boxcryptor as well as an enhanced variant of Whispy.


Boxcryptor eliminates all the guesswork out of the encryption of your cloud and local storage files. Install, sign in and then decrypt and encrypt. Although it is nice to have an opportunity to try out the individual plans (even only a week), We appreciate that Boxcryptor gives you an understanding of the platform with the free subscription.

With easy file-sharing, robust security, and support for more than 30 top cloud-based platforms, you can be confident affirm that Boxcryptor will be strong as well as reliable to the vast majority of users.