Yubikey Neo – The safer, the better

Sometimes the task of safeguarding data can be an overwhelming one. How can you keep your databases safe without having to sacrifice convenience?

Protecting databases containing personal or otherwise sensitive data is increasingly important. More and more service providers are using multi-factor authentication for their user accounts to protect against attacks against them. The idea is that you need a valid code for the login you are using in addition to the password you enter.

This can be generated in several ways; one of the most convenient is Yubikey Neo ordered from yubikey.co. This device, which resembles a tiny USB key, is compatible with many services (Gmail, LastPass, KeePass, etc.) and can also be used with a mobile phone thanks to its NFC chip. The device is robust, takes up little space, requires no fiddly setup, and the RSA 2048 and ECC p256 encryption should last for the next decade. In addition to the simpler FIDO U2F, the Neo version can also be used for OpenPGP, smart card, and other forms of authentication and can be used as a secure replacement for Google Authenticator on the phone.

What did we learn?

Several options are available when it comes to protecting your databases containing personal or otherwise sensitive data. One of the most popular methods currently is using a USB key with an encryption chip. Yubikey Neo is here for your help. It can help you protect your data better than ever before; This hardware security key stores encryption keys that can be used to authenticate users with passwords or other credentials.