The Lapsus hacker group has blackmailed Nvidia

The Lapsus hacker group has hacked the Nvidia website and has leaked millions of people’s personal information. The hackers have threatened to release the information if Nvidia doesn’t pay them $3 million in bitcoins. There are still many unanswered questions about how this happened, but it is unclear if these hackers are part of a larger organization or individuals.

The case

Not many people probably knew the name of the Lapsus hacking group, but that could change now because the formation has blackmailed Nvidia after stealing 1 TB of data from the company. To add weight to the blackmail, members of the group have already made 20GB of data public. Interestingly, Lapsus is not only demanding money but also wants NVidia to change its stance on cryptocurrency mining in product development.

About NVidia

NVidia is a company that specializes in video graphics cards. They are the most prominent computer graphics card maker globally and have over 7,000 patents. Since NVidia invented “CUDA,” the most widely used parallel computing platform, they have been able to provide faster and better performance for computers.

What does blackmailing mean?

Blackmailing is when someone uses threats to make you do something that you would not normally do. Blackmailing can range from sexual extortion to a person withholding information to expose wrongdoing.