The best U2F apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Biometrics and embedded security are becoming more and more widespread in the world of IT and software. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all integrated biometric technologies into their devices. But what do you do if you don’t own one of these devices? Or if you travel a lot and want to use your U2F app on different computers?

What is U2F?

The U2F app will enable you to log in with a simple tap of your NFC-enabled phone, laptop, tablet, or another device.

Your options for U2F

iOS: OTPAuth. The app can also be protected from access via Touch ID/Face ID if necessary, and settings can be saved to the cloud for security.

Android: Authy Two-factor authentication is easy to set up, and the app offers several options for syncing with services. It can also be protected with a PIN.

Windows Phone: Authenticator Software from Microsoft ensures that all data and codes are encrypted on your smartphone.

Did you know?

Did you know that U2F apps are compatible with nearly all browsers, operating systems, and smart devices that support standard USB input? These services are also available in many languages. The FIDO U2F protocol is based on cryptography and has one of the highest levels of security compared to any other form of web authentication.


It’s always important to stay safe on the internet, and when it comes to your digital life, one of the best ways to do so is with U2F. Security keys are the latest in two-factor authentication technology, and they’re compatible with nearly all browsers, operating systems, and devices that support standard USB input.