Send secret messages with Message Encryptor

When it comes to sending secret messages with message encryption software, there are a ton of options for you to choose from. However, not all of these programs are as safe as Message Encryptor. In this article, we’ll explore why Message Encryptor is your best option when trying to send a secret message- and not only that, but we’ll also show you how easy it is to use!

What is Message Encryptor?

Message Encryptor is a desktop application that uses AES encryption to convert any raw text into indecipherable code. It’s elementary to use and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Encoding messages in the form of texts is what cryptography does. Now you might be thinking, “What’s up with all this encryption? I’m not doing anything wrong.” It turns out that it isn’t only for criminal types who are trying to hide their tracks. There are many situations where you might need to send a message with security in place. For example, if you’re sending something sensitive over email or instant messaging and want to ensure that only the person you want can read it.

It uses AES encryption to convert any raw text into indecipherable code. This code can then be copied and pasted in the usual way and sent to the recipient by letter, SMS, or even chat message, who can then decrypt it using Encryptor and the pre-arranged or exchanged password.

It’s simple to use and look and feel, and while there are more convenient encryption methods (such as PGP, which doesn’t require you to change passwords), it’s straightforward and completely ad-free.


Sending confidential messages is a skill that may not be necessary today but could come in handy later. Learn how Message Encryptor can help you send secret messages and potentially take your correspondence to the next level.

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