Ransomware attack against Campari servers

Even though many people think of hacking as something that happens to their devices and information, there are many more cases where hackers target businesses. In this case, the malware-infected Campari’s servers have a broad reach globally and locally.

The case

The servers of Campari, a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, have been hacked and infected with a ransomware virus. The attackers first stole data and then encrypted the information on the servers. They demanded a ransom of $15 million and threatened to expose trade secrets to add weight to the demand.

Did you know?

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common, which is a prime example of why. With the internet being such a prevalent part of our daily lives, it’s not surprising to learn that cyber-crime has increased dramatically. Companies like Campari are particularly vulnerable to these attacks because their confidential information is online.


Most people would not associate a beverage such as Campari with cybersecurity, so it’s no wonder that the servers have been hacked and have delivered a ransomware virus to their customers. The servers cause physical damage by over-heating laptop components and then shutting down. It is also possible for this virus to spread through the network of servers and infect other devices connected to it.