O-day vulnerability found in Windows Defender

Windows Defender is powerful antivirus software that is often overlooked as a security solution, but it’s a must-have for any user. The O-day vulnerability has been found in Windows Defender in the last few weeks.

The case

More and more users trust Microsoft’s protection solution, Windows Defender – which is no wonder, given that the software performs well. However, it is a bit more resource-intensive, i.e., slower than its competitors. But now a very dangerous bug has been found. The program automatically scans all new files to exploit the vulnerability, even with a single email containing a properly prepared attachment. The vulnerability can be exploited by exploiting the vulnerability.

Microsoft warns that viruses are already actively trying to exploit the flaw. A patch is being prepared; however, the latest exists before the close of this page. 1.1.17600.5 is still affected. The version number can be checked in the Defender parameters in the Security settings.

It is important to note that as soon as Microsoft releases the patch, it is recommended to install it immediately – and after installation, it is also recommended to reboot the computer.

Did you know?

Windows Defender’s built-in antivirus software in Windows 10 had a serious security flaw that went unnoticed for over 11 months. When someone would enter a BMP file into Windows Defender, it would remove the exploit and allow the user to bypass the malware detection. The good news is Microsoft discovered this vulnerability before any damage was done.