Microsoft Teams on the radar of hackers

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that was introduced in 2016. Microsoft Teams offers teamwork and communication features such as chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, email, documents, and calendars. However, there have been reports of targeted spear-phishing attacks on Microsoft Teams users’ emails recently. This type of phishing attack is similar to instant message spam. The sender fools the recipient into thinking they are sending an important email or attachment by sending it to a trusted contact at their company.

The case

Since the coronavirus epidemic, all services that allow video conference calls have become much more popular among users and hackers.

The interest in Teams has also increased, making it easier for fraudsters. If they can somehow get into a group, they can efficiently distribute virus files – because everyone in the group trusts them, so we are less vigilant when opening files that are sent. Thousands of attacks of this type have already been carried out.


The Microsoft Corporation was established in 1975 and was a creator of an operating system called DOS. Since then, Microsoft has continued to grow, create new products and services, and change the way people work. The company has also created a large number of high-quality software programs that are used by millions of people worldwide.


Microsoft Teams is an application getting a lot of attention from security experts and hackers worldwide. Experts are concerned about what it would be like if hackers could gain access to the software because of its easy-to-use interface. The public’s trust in Microsoft and the potential harm it can cause is making this software and its activities one of the hackers’ most desired targets.