I forgot my Windows password! What should I do?

It’s not the end of the world! Do you still have your Windows installation key? If so, then you can use that to reset your password. You should also check with your PC manufacturer because there may be a reset code for their systems as well. But there are other options for recovering your Windows password;

Managing passwords stored in the Edge browser

Microsoft Edge has a built-in password manager that allows you to save and manage your passwords. We’ll show you where to find the feature and an alternative solution in this tip. Launch Edge and click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Select Settings from the following drop-down menu, then scroll down until you click the Open Advanced Settings link. Under Privacy Settings, you can turn on or off password storage and manage saved passwords. Click on this option. All the websites for which you have saved passwords will be displayed, and you can click on the X next to them to delete the saved password. If you want to edit the username or password, double-click on the corresponding webpage: the saved name will be displayed legibly, but the password will not. If you need to do this, open the Control Panel, select the User Accounts category, and Edit Login Settings. Here you will find all the passwords stored in Microsoft Edge. Select the website you want to visit and click Show. After answering the security question, the password will be displayed as readable.

Windows 10

Show the forgotten password of your Homegroup.

We have a new computer and want to integrate it into our home network. If you want to log in to your existing Homegroup, you’ll need to enter a password – which you’ve long forgotten. No problem: the password will be displayed to the homegroup creator when you set it up. If we don’t know who set up the Homegroup, we can always retrieve the password again from the members of the Homegroup. Open the Control Panel and type Homegroup in the search box at the top right. Note that the computer you are working on must be a member of the Homegroup. Then select the Homegroup entry. Under Other actions in the Homegroup, you will find the option to view or print the Homegroup password. You will now see the password for your network’s home group displayed in a readable form.

Did you know?

If you forgot your Windows password and need to log in to an administrator account, you can do so by booting up your computer from a disc. This is possible because the administrator password is stored on the disk. This means that anyone who wants administrator privileges can get them if they have access to the Windows installation media.


If you forgot your Windows password, there is still a way to reset it! Windows gives you the option of downloading the installation files and using them to reset your password. You can also use a Linux Live CD or create a bootable USB drive with the installation files. When you reinstall Windows, all your information will be saved and recoverable.