How do I retrieve forgotten passwords from my Mozilla browser?

Password management can be a hassle, but Mozilla has your back! Every time you log in to one of their sites, they keep track of the username and password in their secure password manager. This article will teach you how to find this information if you’re ever locked out of your account.

No human being can remember all the passwords entered over time for other registrations. If you don’t use a password manager (we recommend the LastPass and KeePass versions), use Firefox’s built-in password manager.

If you can’t remember a password later, look it up in Firefox. The Open Menu icon with three horizontal lines on the right-hand side of the screen takes you to Settings, and here you can switch to Security. After a mouse clicks on the Saved logins button, a window opens listing the website’s Firefox has saved the password. As soon as you click on Show Passwords, Firefox will display the saved passwords after a confirmation prompt.


If you’re like us, you might have a ton of passwords stored in your browser, and it can be hard to remember what they all are. The good news is that Mozilla’s Firefox has a built-in password manager to help recover your forgotten passwords!