Flash Drive instead of a password

In today’s world of hacking, advanced data-stealing, and cyber exploitation, companies are being forced to find new ways to store their data. In the past, companies would have a vault or a safe to keep all their sensitive files. With so many people working in a company today, it is tough for a company to keep its vaults secure. This has led to another form of keeping data secure: using flash drives as a password.

The password tool

Difficulty: small.
Cost: none.

Old, small-capacity repositories are suitable for keeping a key file. They can be unlocked when connected to a PC and locked when removed.

All you need is the open-source USB Raptor, which can be used to activate protection on one machine to lock down several other devices on the network. What’s more, it also protects against key duplication.

Did you know?

Imagine a world where you could store your password on your flash drive, and it would automatically login on to any computer. You would no longer be required to remember or type in every site’s username and password. The USB device, called Lockbox, allows you to do just that!


Security risks are always looming, and there’s only so much you can do to protect your files. If you’re looking for an extra security measure, there is one that might help: a flash drive. Flash drives are small, portable, and easy to use. They’ll keep your file safe on its own, but if you’re really concerned about your data’s protection, this article has some additional insights for using flash drives as a password.