Five golden rules for password creation

The internet is a wild and wonderful place. There are so many people from all different backgrounds, each with their own set of beliefs, that it can be easy to forget that some people are not as safe on the internet as we are. As cyber-attacks become more and more prevalent, it’s important to ensure that your passwords are as secure as possible. This blog post will tell you five simple rules for creating an even more secure password – no matter who you are!

Password rules for your security

  1. Each password should only be used once in one place. In other words, use a unique password for each service.
  2. Long, even longer: long passwords are good, but even longer passwords are better. Don’t be shy; feel free to use a code string of up to 20-30 characters!
  3. Just be comfortable: if you’re using a password manager anyway, let the app do the password guessing for you. After all, you don’t have to bother with remembering “hieroglyphics” anymore.
  4. With or without it: it’s often said that a secure password is meaningless and full of special characters.
  5. Two factors are always better: a strong password alone is no guarantee of anything, so it’s good to include two-factor authentication wherever possible.

We hope these five golden rules for password creation have helped create stronger, more secure passwords for your online accounts. Remember, a strong password is only as good as its weakest link, so make sure to use these tips to create strong and easy passwords for you to remember.