Finding out the WLAN password when using Windows

Have you ever wanted to use your phone or laptop on a WLAN network but didn’t know the password? Find out in this article below how to find or reset the WLAN password stored by Windows.

Windows stores a list of all the networks (e.g., WLAN) you have used to connect to the internet. You can then go into this list, look up the network you want, and then use the password supplied when you logged in during your last connection.

This isn’t good from a security point of view, but it makes it possible to find out the password. This is what WirelessKeyView is for, which extracts the information from Windows. Many virus scanners detect it as malware, but it doesn’t do anything wrong. In any case, to avoid problems unpacking the ZIP file, it is protected by a code. The password is WKey4567#.

Once the software is started, it reads all the stored passwords and sorts them into a list with their corresponding network. If you want to save one or more passwords, you can use File / Save Selected Items to send them to a text file.