Encrypt cloud data for extra security

With the rise of data breaches in recent months, many people are looking for more security regarding their personal data. What if you need to store your sensitive data on a cloud service provider but are concerned that someone may have access to it? This blog post will give you some background on encryption and show you how it can be used with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and other popular providers.

Why should we worry?

Having your files stored in a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox is convenient because it’s accessible anywhere. However, that convenience comes with the risk of third parties having access to your data.

If your data is stored with a cloud service provider such as Dropbox, there is a possibility that third parties may have access to it (even though the service provider should not have access). This is why it is a good idea to encrypt your cloud data on your computer with BoxCryptor. The program encrypts the content to be uploaded before it is transmitted, so to reaccess your data, you will need BoxCryptor on all your devices.

Once installed and configured, the program will sit peacefully in the background and do its job. Another significant advantage is that it is European, subject to stricter data protection laws. What’s more, the company doesn’t even get the encryption key, so our data is entirely safe from them. But as in all such cases, if you forget the code, they can’t help you get it back.


Data stored in the cloud is vulnerable to hacking. If you are using a service like Dropbox, make sure to encrypt the data before uploading it.