CryptBox – The secure safe for your data

There are many ways to protect your data in the digital era. Some are more secure than others. Today we’ll look into a new product that’s on Indiegogo called “CryptBox.”

Why is it necessary?

We’ve all got secrets. Whether it’s big, unspoken secrets like a member of your family’s illness or small things that you keep on your phone just in case – there’s a lot of important information that we don’t want anyone but ourselves to access. If the wrong person does get their hands on any of this information, it could be entirely devastating for your personal life or your company. CryptBox was created to solve this problem by being a secure safe for all your data!


The world is slowly moving towards encrypting all data to protect personal information. In Windows 11, for example, the TPM chip is a requirement precisely to ensure that the encryption functions work well. But there is also information that needs extra protection in this environment: ID photos stored on a notebook or some sensitive photos are just that. Abelssoft CryptBox offers an effective solution for secure storage, with the key advantage of combining secure storage with ease of use. It allows you to create safes that can even be assigned a drive letter – so that an encrypted storage device can be used just like an external hard drive. The software comes with several wizards integrated to help you make the basic settings in no time.

The application creates a safe within the Windows system that can be opened or closed with a few clicks. Password protection ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access the contents of the safe. In addition, the application works by never storing the password itself in unencrypted form in memory: this provides extra security, as it cannot be found and read from RAM by any trick. Abelssoft CryptBox uses 256-bit AES encryption, which cannot be cracked in human time, so hackers have no chance of obtaining protected information. For example, they will only see a random string of characters on the SSD instead of a photo.

It is also possible to password protect individual files or even entire folders. The program is entirely transparent to the applications running on the system. Once unencrypted, the data behaves like any other standard data on the system; no exceptional file manager or special handling is required to open the files.


The Abelssoft CryptBox is a handy app that helps keep your data safe and sound. It’s a secure vault for your confidential files, so they’re always ready when you need them. If you need to send somebody an attachment or share some sensitive files with somebody, open the CryptBox software and drag and drop the file you want to share into it.