AxCrypt2Go – The portable encryption service

Do you ever feel like your important files can be accessed by anybody? If you’re using a Windows PC, there’s a good chance that somebody could steal your password and access to your account if they were snooping around. There are other ways to encrypt your files, but we’ll save those for another article.

What is AxCrypt2Go for?

You might be in for a surprise, but there’s a portable encryption service that gives you the power of complete data privacy. It can also save your files in its encrypted form and with a password so that your hard disk cannot be accessed by anyone else, even if it is stolen or lost.

Any critical file can be encrypted with AxCrypt2Go and decrypted with the known password. Because it’s portable, you can have all your data on a flash drive with the software to decrypt it. There is already a new main version, but it only works after online registration.

The user interface is a simple file manager. The file to be encrypted or decrypted can be accessed using the options in the local menu.


With all the ways you can get hacked, or your data were stolen, it’s important to keep your sensitive data safe. One of the best ways is with encryption software like AxCrypt2Go. It’s a portable application which means it can go wherever you go and always be on hand to protect your files, whether they’re on a USB drive or sitting in your Dropbox.