An ISP was blackmailed with its data

When it comes to cybercrime, most people are aware of the dangers of losing sensitive data or being held for ransom by hackers. But with the internet becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, businesses have started to become targets, too – mainly through cyber-attacks targeted at ISPs.

The case

The Internet service provider Kassel has suffered a cyber attack. The details are not yet precise, so it is unknown precisely what data hackers managed to access. Still, it is more than likely that users’ personal information was obtained as the fraudsters tried to blackmail the provider.

Did you know?

Your internet provider has a deep trove of information about you. ISPs must keep records of their customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, type of service, and length of time they have been customers for 18 months. These records are not private. They are available for lawsuits or government investigations.


Hacking is a serious issue and can be used to cause untold harm to online entities. Kassel has released a statement saying that the cyber attack was carried out by hackers who demanded ransom money in exchange for not revealing the data they managed to access.